Robocritic is up and running

20 02 2008

After writing about the movie Sivaji, this time I have decided to start blogging on the movie Robo. I know the movie name will change for tax reasons but the name robo(t) is interesting. So here is the link for robocritic, the one place stop for the movie robo(t).

Curtains Down

21 06 2007

The blog has achieved its purpose. I hope you had a good time with the blog. From today, you will not be seeing anymore updates. These 3 months was fun. Thanks for visiting my blog! Sivaji Fever continues….

Sivaji is unlike any other

17 06 2007

Balancing act to satisfy both Rajini fans and Shankar fans has come out in the name of Sivaji. Let me start by saying that the movie is neither Baasha nor Indian.

Part – 1: Sivaji’s noble aspirations and his search for a soul mate are shown at regular intervals. This mix of highly serious issue and a comedy track are like oil and water. However if you can view them as separate events in your mind definitely the comedy track stands out while the serious issue takes a back seat.

The intermission comes out more like Mudhalvan who is given a chance to rule the state for a day. Here Sivaji is given One rupee to decide how to avenge his detractors.

Part – 2: Of course the roller coaster ride is yet to begin. This is the part Rajini fans can have their cake. Sivaji takes a complete revenge on his detractors simply by calling them with his shirt collar in his mouth. Whenever people don’t agree for a good cause Sivaji sends them to office room, which shows them how to do good.

Sivaji’s most trusted companion leaves him high and dry, Personal Laptops are voice password protected, Jeeps fly through king kong’s mouth and Crores of rupees are thrown out in open. Finally a poetic justice with ‘Motta Boss’.

The movie hinges on a medical logic which I would leave it to you to decide how good or bad.

Pros: Rajini, Rahman, Anand, Thotta Tharani

Cons: Shankar, Sujatha, Suman

IMHO: Rajini’s superstar image has a big boost and Shankar’s directorial capabilities has hit rock bottom. Sivaji is out and out Rajini movie, forget the message that the movie is trying to convey. Staying true to the story is important in a hyped movie.

Verdict: Disappointing.

Do you want to know why Shankar insists on keeping the story a secret?

15 06 2007

Because it is an open secret.

Read the above link you will know why? My opinion after reading the review is  ‘Aracha Maava Araipomaa?, Thovacha Thuniya Thovaipomaa?’.The writer has used such rich language that it took him nearly 5 paragraphs to really talk about the movie.Hmm… I will write my review after watching the movie!

On a side note you are likely to remember that there is a director named Vikraman. Most of his assistants started making films exactly like him because they learnt the secret reciepe to make a ‘Vikraman’ film. Now both the director and assistants are out of market. I just hope that Shankar’s assistant won’t follow the same track.

Ticket Booking

11 06 2007

I booked my tickets for the movie and will be travelling 100 miles to watch it next saturday. The ticket rates are quiet steep this time.

Check out the Chennai Bee Line

Sivaji Distribution – Interesting titbits

4 06 2007

There is no way I can collect the information listed here. Interesting details on film distribution came as an e-mail forward. If this is to be believed a minimum of 3.5 crores people will have to watch the movie for distribution profits – Bane of high budget movies!

RajinifansDiscussions : Message: Sivaji business! Inside Story!!

1) Since Sivaji budget exceeded the actual one – AVM has increased the
rates for all areas.

2) Abirami Ramanathan – strict in business: In City, AVM is said to
have cleverly moved by giving the distribution rights to Abirami
Ramanathan. Abirami is a strict business man and there’s no friendship
terms in his business. As expected he is dealing the Chennai business
very professionally.

3) Three- in-one: Sivaji is going to be screened in 3 theatres in
Abirami – Abirami, Annai Abirami, Sakthi Abirami.

4) Ramanathan has taken lease the Ega theatre also. So, Sivaji may
come in Ega theatre also.

5) Different rates :Film rate for Chennai city is different for
complex theatres and they can screen fully in their complex. For other
theatres the rate is different.

6) Kamala’s condition: Kamala theatre has signed the agreement on the
condition that Sivaji shouldn’t be released in AVM Rajeswari. (I heard
that AVM Rajeswari belongs to AVM Balasubramaniam)

7) Divide and sell: NSC area is one of the biggest areas in film
distribution network of Tamil Nadu. Since the rate was exorbitant (15
crores) in this area many hesitated to buy. So, the area has been
divided into three different areas. 1)North Arcot 2) South Arcot 3)

8) The Nag Ravi connection: Nag Ravi has bought South Arcot for a
whopping amount of 4.5 crores.

9) Shanthi pulls out: Shanthi has withdrawn from race since it felt
that the rate was too high. And now Devi is in the race.

10) Albert – a big ?: Uncertainity prevails in Albert and no idea
whether the film would come there.

11) Sivaji sales would be the highest sale of any tamil film till date
and i beleive (By God’s grace) this would be beat by Superstar’s next
film alone.

12) Ippo illati eppo? Each and every time, many distributors withdraw
at the last moment in buying the Superstar film and those who bought
the film bravely used to reap the benefits by getting multiple times
of their investment. Same thing is going to happen in Sivaji. Pyramid
Saimira which missed the Tamil Nadu bus will surely regret for missing
distributing rights of Sivaji. (It is rumoured that AVM asked a total
of 60 crores for Tamil Nadu and Pyramid backed out saying ‘No’

Shankar Exclusive

4 06 2007

on – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3

Additional Parts will be updated as and when available.

Number 8 is not his lucky number, claims Mr. Shankar. His argument clearly shows that his lucky number was 8. Moreover nothing new in the interview if you would have followed developments in sivaji here. One question that I would like to ask is “What happened to the audio leak and how it is happening only in his movies?”.


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